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Wedding Event DJ Tips as well as Advice

Of course, every wedding party is various in place, duration as well as requirements. The adhering to have been put together from my wedding celebration DJ service experiences, so if you are considering carrying out Wedding DJ entertainment, below are a couple of quick pointers to consider.

Pre-event planning

Although there is never a guarantee that every little thing will run according to plan and time on the day, pre-event planning is essential to help you deliver your service the means you mean - to be successful as well as memorable.

Pre-visit the venue

Where sensible, make arrangements with the function supervisor and also go to where the function is going to be held (where you will certainly be performing).

You'll need to understand whatever from that to report to, the permitted parking area, details packing locations as well as gain access to times, even bar closing times on the night! The function manager will likely suggest all out-of-bound locations consisting of outside areas, yet don't hesitate to ask if they do not point out, particularly locations such as brinks as well as courses which might be unsuitable for lorries or packed trolley's.

It's additionally worth asking if there is an area where your disco tools can be kept while you await the space to be vacated and also prepared for the reception, as well as may help reduce establishing time if nearby to where you are operating.

You'll require to know where the electric power outlets lie and also if they are attached to any type of limiters. Additionally, it deserves reviewing how the area lights will certainly get on evening.

Make a note of the ceiling elevation as well as exactly how reduced the fittings are, particularly if the Bride-to-be intends to toss her wedding celebration arrangement!

You'll most likely want to freshen up prior to performing so if an area has not been pointed out or assigned, do not wait to check where you can obtain altered after setting up your disco tools on the day

Pre-visit your client!

Having a conference with your clients is crucial. It not just enables you to build a great rapport, but likewise assures your customers that you confidently recognize what you are doing.

Go over in detail the program timings of the day including the meal, speeches and also buffet, in addition to nightclub entertainment beginning as well as end timings, as well as whether functions of the program include 'cutting of the cake' and also traditional 'throwing of the arrangement'!

You'll require to understand whether the Bride and Groom mean to retire from the parties early or stay to the end. Likewise, exactly how do the Groom and bride plan to bring closure to the reception, and what will be their selection of songs.

For a much more personalised method to a function, it's a good suggestion to know the names of the key visitors participating in.

Obviously, the necessary thing to go over is the songs, from the selection of background music that the wedding event party is greeted with when you begin, to specific tracks they have actually chosen! You'll have the ability to verify the Bride and Grooms initially dance track (version), whether they call for moms and dad dancings as well as certain music, along with any type of details requests for songs to be played throughout.

You may want to recommend that the Groom and bride could such as to choose music commitments for the wedding event to 'take to the dance flooring' which helps urge individuals to the dancing flooring in the future!

An additional point to review is whether the Couple more than happy for their guests to ask you for demands on the night. At some wedding celebration functions, there might be guests celebrating anniversaries or birthday celebrations. It's worth noting if there are any kind of delicate tunes that would be unacceptable to be played throughout the reception.

Because the timings on the day can run over, I'll inform that I'll talk about on evening to assess the very best time for their very first dancing, making notes of any kind of modifications to the program as required. If there are organized dancings for wedding celebration guests then I'll additionally need to discuss with them the order of dances - a couple of minutes is all that is usually called for to be alloted for this.

I usually get in touch with the customers again the week prior to the function just to assure as well as resolve any kind of adjustments to the program and also songs strategy as required.

Plan for the special day.

Among the most effective suggestions I was ever before provided was do not leave every little thing to the eleventh hour. Make certain you have every little thing prepared before the day, and out the day.

Guarantee that any documents that the venue needs is forwarded well ahead of the function date and also confirm this with the feature manager when you pre-visit.

There is no excuse to be turned away from a venue under the wire due to the fact that the Public Obligation Cover certificate was left at home! The track record of your service will most definitely take more than a nose dive, so a little prep work goes a long, long way.

Getting here on the WEDDING DAY!

I normally enable plenty of time to get to the location due to potential traffic stand up! Upon arrival, my initial task is to notify the function manager that I'm on site. He or she will after that show what stage they are at in the process and if the program is going to time. Generally, it is running a little later than planned!

Unless I'm setting up the nightclub in a room far from where the wedding event is eating, ideally, there will certainly be a marked area close by for me to continue dumping to as well as temporarily save the disco equipment.

Out of etiquette, I like to educate the Bride and Groom that their Wedding DJ is on site. Naturally, there are stages throughout the procedures which will certainly identify when I can personally inform the Couple that I've arrived.

If everyone is still consuming, I'll consider informing them discretely in between training courses.

As soon as the dish as well as speeches more than and also the area is left, I can begin relocating the disco equipment. With whatever in position as well as functional consisting of room illumination modifications, I'll discretely make my checks keeping audio levels to an outright minimum. As soon as satisfied, I'll go and also freshen up and get altered and afterwards notify the function supervisor that I'm ready.

The Function

Although beforehand, I'll evaluate the level of background music to the variety of guests getting in the space so it's not too loud and not to quiet. If you intend to use a more personalised method then its an idea not to 'conceal' behind the gear yet seize the day to welcome the visitors as they go into the space.

As soon as the wedding celebration event have entered the function room, I'll ask the Bride and Groom to notify when they will certainly await their initial dancing, as well as which group of people I need to talk with (to talk about the succeeding dancing order) if applicable.

Once everyone in the celebration understands when they will certainly be dancing (and also with whom), as quickly as the Groom and bride are ready, I'll reduce the background music, make my introductions, invite the Groom and bride to the dancing floor as well as present their initial dancing.

Any type of prepared wedding party dancings will follow the very first dance which will certainly after that allow you to work out right into constructing a party ambience.

HOWEVER! Naturally there's no tough rule on which music you must play beforehand, but it may be a bit discouraging ought to you select to play all leading tracks prior to the buffet! Certain, it's a harmonizing act yet the general consensus with features is that the nightclub generally obtains really going AFTER the buffet is served.


Whether closing the night with particularly picked tracks from the Bride and Groom, or urging the wedding celebration guests to outfit as well as create a standard circle or arc, you'll require to allow yourself adequate time so that the finish gets on TIME! So when working towards the finishing time, check with the function supervisor on bench closure as this is critical if it has been agreed with the Bride and Groom for a grand finale, as well as a clash of times could be a disaster!

Guarantee that the Couple has a rousing send off and also you have actually efficiently finished your wedding reception entertainment.